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     Skorts Multispeciality Clinics is committed to provide superior and quality health care services to address day-to-day health care needs of a family. To maximize convenience and comfort, Skorts Multispeciality Clinics is an integrated model and offers facilities for Specialist Consultation, Diagnostics, Preventive Health Checks and Pharmacy, all under one roof. Skorts Multispeciality Clinics also pioneers in a range of value added services such as counselling on various lifestyle parameters.

     Not only is it complete healthcare under one roof, Skorts Multispeciality Clinics also plays a role in empowering citizens with adequate knowledge regarding their health. Skorts Multispeciality Clinics organizes camps, TV shows and Talks in order to achieve this... Read More

Blood Investigations

By using Skorts at-home lab service, you can get lab samples collected at your doorstep.

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Free Health Camps

A large number of people hailing were checked-up at a Free Health Camp organised.

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Health Packages

Offering reliable and accurate Health services to our customers, at affordable prices.

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